NEW YEAR HIKE AND GALETTE : Sunday 10th January 2016.

This year the walk was a circuit from Kermarrec to Kermarrec with 21 participants including 2 children.
We headed off towards the estuary, passing by Beausejour and then took the walkway over the estuary, with a slow climb along the north side to reach the car park under the pines on the Ploumoguer road. Then went up the steps to the St Renan road and through the Kerjean Estate before descending onto the north side of the southern fork of the estuary. Through the bare, wintry branches of the oak and beech trees, a sudden, piercing ray of sunshine lit up the waters. Across the estuary again and up through Kerandiou to reach the plateau and then down by Croas ar Meyer road to arrive at our point of departure.
Around ten people joined the group of walkers to partake of the traditional galette. Happy New Year wishes were exchanged along with news of the summer fêtes and discussion of future projects. There were several kings and queens but no fairy to transform one of them into a Vice-President.

First outing of the New Year ....

Traditionally, we take advantage of the Galette des Rois (Epiphany) fete to meet for a short walk.

This year, we walked around the Le Conquet estuary and the sun came with us.


After the effort, the comfort ...
We were happy to share this friendly moment around the cake of kings accompanied by a glass of cider.

This is an opportunity for new members to get to know each other.

Pancake making training – 6th February & 5th March – Picnic

Traditionally, the Twinning Committee makes and sells pancakes during the fetes throughout the year. No-one can become a skilled pancake maker overnight and our pancake making courses are the opportunity for our most skilled and experienced chefs to pass their knowledge onto learners.

And all the beautiful and delicious pancakes made during the last of the two sessions become the dessert for our traditional picnic where everyone brings a favourite dish or speciality.

Volunteer’s Dinner – 12th November

The summer fêtes went well, thanks to the help of many volunteers from the Twinning Association. The Volunteer’s Dinner is the opportunity to get together again over a pleasant meal.

Annual General Meeting Twinning Association – 9th December

2016 closed with the Twinning Association’s AGM. It was the occasion for Alain, our president, to look back over all the events of 2016. The major event was, of course, the visit of our Welsh counterparts from Llandeilo. Supporting and encouraging the friendship between our two towns is the primary aim of the Twinning Association especially in a year when the British voted to leave the European Community.

Alain also presented a financial report for the year, with a resumé of the various expenses and receipts in 2016. We made a loss in 2016 but this is normal for a year in which we host the Welsh when our expenses are always greater with excursions (Molene, this year) and a gala dinner.

The third part of the AGM concerned the elections for the Committee. Mireille Avelot, Francoise Paisley and Jane Shufflebotham had reached the end of their three-year terms. After years of work in the Twinning Committee and in a great many other associations, Mireille Avelot wished to step down and clear the way for younger members.

Francoise Paisley and Jane Shufflebotham stood again. Nicole Giraud, Olivier Odrat and Maryvonne Martin were also candidates. All five were elected unanimously. The Committee will therefore have 13 members in 2017 instead of the 11 members it had in 2016.

The AGM closed with the traditional aperitif, the occasion to get to know new members.

The evening continued with a meal at The Hangar au Pecheurs for those who wished to finish the year in festive style.

On the menu

- A plate of Perigoudian specialities

- Brill with pepper sauce, rice and vegetables

- Raspberry Gateau

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